Donald at the Bat – Day 801, The Trump and Mueller Honeymoon

Day 801, The Trump and Mueller Honeymoon


The Trump and Mueller honeymoon looks like it may not last.

Trump says he was exonerated.  Most say, “Not so fast.”

Though Bob did not exonerate Trump, Barr will not indict.

And that means that the situation is not black and white.


Two dozen Russians were indicted in the Mueller probe,

Compelling information for Trump’s addled frontal lobe.

We all know Russia interfered, in spite of Putin’s, “Nyet!”

Now, what will Donald do to stop it?  He’s done nothing yet.


Bob did not prove collusion when the Russians helped Trump win.

Would Donald have the chutzpah to ask them to hack again?

They hacked; Trump benefitted; and he tried to pay them back.

Collusion or coincidence?  A lot there to unpack.


Since Mueller showed what Trump denied, their love affair must end.

Though Donald is not good with facts, he has to comprehend

That Mueller proved the Russians helped, so Trump owes them, “big time.”

Bob Mueller painted Donald with a coat of Russian slime.