Donald at the Bat – Day 800, The Green New Deal

Day 800, The Green New Deal


Folks who support the Green New Deal,

Compared to folks who won’t,

Pits those who think science is real

Against the ones who don’t.


This education failure means

Exploiters may run free.

And TV folks who don’t know beans

Drive Earth toward RIP.


Reality v. ignorance,

Survival versus greed.

To give reality a chance,

Just what steps do we need?


Koch brothers: get in solar power;

You have a lot of cash.

The taste, to you, a little sour

But, you’d add to your stash.


Tea Partiers and Fox are lost.

They must be overcome.

Opinions like theirs are the cost

Of free speech, although dumb.


We do not know what Trump believes,

His brain not good with facts.

But right now, what he says deceives

His base, so they’ll relax.


Though this is an emergency;

The facts are known and clear.

Without a sense of urgency

We’re going to cook our sphere.


We’ll flood our coasts, desertify

The whole of the Southwest.

To fail now means we all will fry

If we don’t pass this test.