Donald at the Bat – Day 799, Campaign Slogans

Day 799, Campaign Slogans


“The Democrats will take away your meat,

Gas powered cars and jet airplanes to fly.

“No cattle means no ice cream cones to eat.”

Republicans will tell this campaign lie.


“Republicans will kill Obamacare.”

For them, the name just has a dusky hue.

“So, twenty million folks will lose health care.”

The Democrats make this charge and it’s true.


Healthcare for all and next, green energy.

The Democrats will modernize the land.

Republicans, the nineteenth century,

While whistling Dixie, still walk hand in hand.


A narcissist, a liar, and a fake:

These are the Donald’s proven qualities.

And poor folks?  Donald says, “Let them eat cake.” (1)

Democracy?  King Trump? Get off your knees!


  1. “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche.”  Often attributed to Princess Marie Antoinette on being told that her poor subjects had no bread.  The attribution is doubted by many historians. Marie subsequently lost her head (literally) in the French Revolution, along with her husband, Louis XVI, in 1793.

Similarly, a doubtful quote by Donald Trump should not be considered unusual.