Donald at the Bat – Day 798, Quid pro Quo (1)

Day 798, Quid pro Quo (1)


“The Russians said they have some dirt

“To dump on Hillary.”

Don Junior said, “What could it hurt?”

Don Senior: “Fine with me.”


“They want us to pull sanctions back,”

(Obama put them on.)

“For that, they’ll do a little hack,

“And Clinton’s hopes are gone.”


“Take something back Obama made?

“They’re gone on my first day.

“I’m happy to let Putin raid

“Crimea.  Let him stay.”


The Russians made an email dump

Hacked from the DNC.

And, once elected, Donald Trump,

Just as a courtesy,


Pulled sanctions back, at least he tried

But Congress took a vote

And even Trump’s right wingers cried,

“You hit a sour note.”


So that’s the quid and that’s the quo.

It’s pretty black and white.

Was that collusion?  Barr says, “No.”

Though it was in plain sight.


  1. See column by Max Frankel, New York Times, March, 28, 2019