Donald at the Bat – Day 797, Donald Trump Unchained

Day 797, Donald Trump, Unchained


“We’ve met the enemy and he is us,”

As Pogo, the cartoon character said. (1)

So, don’t throw the Russians under the bus,

For Trump’s election was our fault, instead.


We’re hyperpartisan, easy to fool,

Believe crazy things on the internet.

Too many of us were sleeping in school.

If you can’t reason, this is what you get.


Trump knows that some will believe anything.

He told his base lies they wanted to hear.

Now he is president (but not our king.)

What will he try now that he’s in the clear? (2)


First, of course, get rid of Obamacare.

Obama’s name’s on it; that is enough.

Will that be more than our country can bear?

Will his base just say, “Well, life can be rough?”


Give the rich tax cuts; then cut Medicare;

And cut Medicaid; both a bitter pill.

Buy more guns and planes; that seems only fair.

Give the rich tax cuts; give the poor the bill.


Wreck the environment; go on pollute.

Save short term profits; do not regulate.

Poison the sea and air.  Who gives a hoot?

Science and facts?  No. Trump must dominate.


Has Puerto Rico received too much aid?

From what Trump is claiming, you would say, “Yes.”

The Special Olympics, also dismayed;

Support cut to zero but I digress.


Such glaring problems since Donald first ran,

Narcissist, liar, friend of tyranny.

It is no secret Trump’s that kind of man.

“The fault, dear Brutus…” lies in you and me. (3)


  1. Pogo, cartoon strip by Walt Kelly, 1971.  It was said many other places.
  2. The “Barr Report” on the Mueller Report said that the Trump campaign was cleared of collusion with the Russian government.
  3. Julius Caesar, Act I, scene 2.  William Shakespeare. Read further to learn the Roman Senate’s practice of impeachment in 43 BC.