Donald at the Bat – Day 794

Day 794


Let’s take the bull by the tail and face the situation.

Now we’ve all had many years of painful education.

The judgment of our voters seems quite shallow at its best.

They elected Trump to be the leader of our nation.


Now we must discover how is Putin compromising

Donald’s judgment, which he’s unsuccessfully disguising.

For Trump accepts what Putin says, not his own agencies,

Leaving skeptics hearing this with their suspicions rising.


Narcissist, self-aggrandizing, and prevaricator,

One whose very soul seems to yearn to be a dictator,

Because Trump seems antagonized by our democracy,

Wanting an autocracy, could Trump become a traitor?


When you hold the bovine tail and stare right at the anus,

Questions in the skeptical arise that ought to pain us.

Experience has taught us that, to make a deeper probe,

Leads to viscous sediment that may be truly heinous.


And, when you shoot at the king, you must beware of missing.

In a contest, we know Trump is quite expert at pissing.

The president has quite a lot of weapons for revenge.

If not out of action, he’s a coiled cobra, hissing.