Donald at the Bat – Da 793, The Mueller Report

Day 793, The Mueller Report


Bob Mueller just said he is through

And sent his work to Barr.

We do not know what Barr will do.

Will Trump need CPR?

Have debts owed Vladimir come due?

Will Putin leave a scar?

Will we be bidding Trump adieu

For working with the czar?


Some say the shit just missed the fan.

Could there still be some spray?

Will any stick to the Big Man?

Will Donald have to pay?

For now, talk of the “caravan”

Will likely go away.

If Trump’s not in the frying pan,

Will his supporters stay?


Trump said he trusted Vladimir

When he told Donald “Nyet!”

When Trump asked, “Did you interfere?”

So, there’s no cause to sweat.

Intelligence said it is clear

There was a Russian threat.

So, Trump’s obeisance seems quite queer.

Is he in Putin’s debt?


Now, once again we’re told to wait.

Barr’s reading the report.

The pundits talk and speculate,

Will Trump wind up in court?

The Donald never plays it straight;

His style: deny, distort.

So, what’s in store for Donald’s fate?

To keep or lose support?


Will Trump distort the evidence

That Mueller’s team has shown?

Will he find public confidence

In evidence has grown?

When you’re impeaching presidents,

To push them off the throne,

The burden of proof is immense.

Conservatives must groan.


Flash!  Barr just said that Mueller said

Collusion was not found.

Some say that has been put to bed

And Democrats all frowned.

Obstruction, though is not yet dead;

The problems are compound.

What Mueller said and Barr just read,

The yeas and nays confound.


So Congress wants to see it all.

Some think that Barr prejudged.

We’ll see if Barr will try to stall;

Were his conclusions fudged?

Will pundits now be farcical,

One-sided, and ill-judged?

Will all who were unethical

Stay out of jail, unsmudged?