Donald at the Bat – Day 803, April Fool’s Day

Day 803, April Fool’s Day


Trump Tower in Manhattan stands sixty eight stories high.

(Well, actually just fifty eight, the top ten are a lie.)

Trump’s vineyard in Virginia, a two thousand acre spread,

Is really just twelve hundred but two thousand’s what Trump said.


“I’ve over fifty lots to sell,” (well, really, thirty one.)

When Trump told lenders, “fifty five,” was he just having fun?

He told the folks at Deutche Bank, “Three billion’s my net worth.”

Trump wants them thinking he’s among the richest men on Earth.


Three billion turned to less than one; by now that story’s old.

For Donald is a flim flam man, gold leaf instead of gold,

Inflating assets so the lenders will give him more dough,

Deflating assets so insurance premiums are low.


Trump lives a life of opulence, implying his great wealth,

Most everything’s inflated, even statements on his health.

And now he’s claiming that the GOP stands for healthcare.

But Mitch McConnell took a pass.  He knows there’s nothing there.


Trump knows how to manipulate and mostly through flim flam.

He knows his base has had hard times (but doesn’t give a damn.)

Without one lesson, he plays them just like a violin.

What will it take for them to ask, “Is what Trump says just spin?”


And, lastly, Trump claims he is smart but he conceals his grades.

Bankruptcies tell us otherwise, in spite of Trump’s charades.

Since Donald never made the Dean’s List at prestigious schools,

Whenever Trump is making claims, it’s always April Fool’s.