Donald at the Bat – Day 788, Coming Apart at the Seams

Day 788, Coming Apart At the Seams


Is Donald Trump coming apart at the seams?

From his weekend tweet storm, that’s sure how it seems.

He made unhinged charges against John McCain

And Saturday Night Live, which both seemed insane.


If it seems like Donald is losing his grip,

Then we must ask: should he still captain the ship?

As Mueller’s team’s effort now draws to a close,

We’ll see how our emperor looks without clothes.


One more White Supremacist left fifty dead.

Did Donald condemn it?  He waffled instead.

He left White Supremacy out of the mix

Of all of the problems we still have to fix.


For he recognizes the white bigot vote

Is something he must defend to float his boat.

So, is Donald crazy or more like a fox,

Who’s dressed like a shepherd, while herding his flocks?


Is Donald Trump ignorant when he denies

The climate change science, or is it more lies?

Once more, it’s his flock he must keep in the fold

And he knows quite well what they like to be told.


So, lying is simply a part of Trump’s gig.

The truth is not useful; he cares not a fig

For facts or for science.  We must not forget

That he got elected, no penalty yet.


But now, is he coming apart at the seams?

Is Donald’s skull leaking as his boiler steams?

If Mueller adds fuel, will Donald explode,

As rivets pop out under that pressure load?