Donald Trump, Re-election, Day 789, Elizabeth Warren

Day 789, Elizabeth Warren


Elizabeth Warren, D, candidate,

Has now had enough of making us great.

When Donald says, “Great,” that means he gets more,

Like the nobility in days of yore.


By now we all know Trump’s tax cut last year

Has just made rich folks and big business cheer.

With special breaks if you’re in real estate—

And guess what that means…more cake on Trump’s plate.


Elizabeth wants a tax on great wealth.

It should be good for our overall health.

The super rich suck out way too much cash

And cheat on taxes, ‘til touched with the lash.


Electoral College?  Warren says, “No!”

(A product of slavery, as you should know.)

The big states are cheated, part of the game;

It’s long past time that all votes count the same.


Lizzie’s main message is equality,

Most of all, financial inequity.

It’s no surprise that rich folks have a stroke,

They think having less means they will go broke.


Can Lizzie Warren make rich folks play fair?

We can find out if we vote her in there.