Donald at the Bat – Day 790, The Equinox

Day 790, The Equinox


It’s Fall down south And Spring up north,

One more equinox is here.

Old leaves turn gold; New buds burst forth;

Equinox comes twice a year.


Fall winds are sharp, Spring breezes light.

Winter comes, or Summer heat.

There, longer nights, Here, more sunlight.

Northern trees bear fruit to eat.


With longer nights And longer days,

Autumn storms and springtime rains,

Death alternates With new growth phase,

New crops grow on northern plains.


Then Winter there, And Summer here.

Icy storms and harvesting.

The Solstice comes And a New Year.

Now the South will change to Spring.


The ancients asked How can this be?

Seasons ordered by some god?

Why the cycles, Eternally?

Why can’t Winter be outlawed?


Earth orbits Sun; Along the way,

Northern, southern hemispheres,

First lean in close Then lean away.

Seasons rotate through the years.


So seasons come And seasons go,

Sometimes we steam, sometimes freeze.

We puzzled why And now we know,

Earth leans twenty three degrees.