Donald at the Bat – Day 787, White, Christian Nationalist Terrorists

Day 787, White Christian, Nationalist Terrorists


Why aren’t white Christians called terrorists too?

Why do brown Muslims get all the headlines?

Calling them terrorists is long past due.

Should churches be forced to post warning signs?


White nationalists despise all the Jews

And they despise everyone who is brown.

As you can see, when you’re watching the news,

They may kill any who move to your town.



White Christian, nationalist terrorists,

Haven’t they earned the right to insist,

When you say, “terrorists,” they’re the A list?

White Christian, nationalist, terrorists.


Why should White Christian theology breed

Hatred for Muslims and hatred for Jews?

Aren’t love and brotherhood in Christian creed?

Haven’t they heard that in church in their pews?


White nationalism has no excuse,

For whites were not first to come to this land.

White migrants were often “wretched refuse,” (1)

To whom our country extended a hand.



White Christian, nationalist terrorists…

Did Christians forget love and brotherhood,

That Scriptures report their Lord Jesus said?

Can they demonstrate what is the net good,

When they condone hate and murder instead?


White Christian, nationalist, murderers

Have earned the right to be called terrorists.

They have committed far more massacres

Than Muslims, anarchists, and atheists.