Donald at the Bat – Day 783, Budget Analysis

Day 783, Budget Analysis


The Donald’s budget shows that he’s completely without heart.

For its provisions clearly show he does not give a fart

About the welfare of the poor, including his own base,

Although he promised all of us that would not be the case.


From Medicare, he wants to cut eight hundred billion bucks,

Which shows that Trump regards our seniors just like hockey pucks.

Whack them around; the Pentagon needs more expensive planes.

Then, there’s the Space Force; it’s in for some quite substantial gains.


Of course, the Right wants Trump to cut Social Security

To pay for tax cuts for the rich, buy their fidelity.

And Medicaid will get more than a trillion cut from it.

Does Donald think that poor folks do not need this benefit?


So, social programs cut, the military gets a boost.

With Fox loose in the henhouse; chickens may come home to roost.

The metaphors may seem confused.  Trump’s budget is the same.

But, help the rich and screw the poor explains the Donald’s game.


To summarize Trump’s health plan: don’t get sick unless you’re rich.

And, if you’re poor and sick, you need to know—life is a bitch.

But, be proud of your sacrifice; our military’s great.

And Trump has noticed, in elections, poor folks don’t donate.