Donald at the Bat – Day 782, Do Democrats Hate Jews?

Day 782, Do Democrats Hate Jews?


Trump says that Democrats hate Jews.

That’s what he told the RNC

At Mar-a-Lago, one more ruse,

Appearing to lack cogency.


Let’s look at Congress for a clue.

How many Jews are serving there?

Was Trump’s claim gas his anus blew

With more bullshit to foul the air?


Jews in the House are twenty eight

And all are Democrats but two.

And, serving in the Senate, eight,

Not one Republican, a Jew.


Most Jews are Democrats, we know.

And, that’s been true a long, long time.

Do Jews hate Jews?  The answer’s, “No.”

So Donald’s charge is fecal slime.


Did Donald Trump’s gut just divine

This anti-Democratic slur?

Are Trump supporters so ovine,

They’re herded by a barking cur?


When Muslim Democrats throw smut

On Netanyahu’s Israel,

That’s no excuse for Donald’s gut

To start emitting such a smell.


Another one of Donald’s lies,

This one, a whopper, to be frank.

To spare us from the fumes that rise,

Let’s flush it down the septic tank.