Donald at the Bat – Day 784, Impeachment

Day 784, Impeachment


Impeachment’s a topic, now on the news.

Left wingers say, “Yes!”  Right wingers say, “No!”

Now Nancy Pelosi has shared her views.

She told us that’s not where she wants to go.


Impeachment’s divisive; it’s not a game.

The Congress has duties; Nancy has goals.

Impeachment would set the nation aflame

And sear our people with hot, glowing coals.


Impeachment’s distracting; it wastes our time.

There’s legislation that Congress must pass.

Trump’s life comprises just grime, slime, and crime

But most Republicans still kiss his ass.


Here’s what ass-kissing would seem to predict…

The price of impeachment would be immense,

Since right wing senators will not convict.

…And what if they did?  Then we’d get Pence.