Donald at the Bat – Day 779, The Bottomless Pit

Day 779, The Bottomless Pit


Getting to the bottom of a bottomless pit,

What can our poor Congress do?

Swimming in the cesspool of the Donald’s bullshit,

Slimed with fetid residue.


Following the trail of turds where Donald has been,

Hoping they don’t slip and fall,

Filling up the prisons with the Trump campaign’s men,

Their corruption now banal.


Donald was a candidate who promised a lot;

Most of all, there was The Wall.

We didn’t know that Trump had already been bought.

Vladimir had him in thrall.


Vlad keeps the Donald faithful but we don’t know how.

Money?  Maybe “pee pee tape”?

Whatever, it is clear Trump’s in Vlad’s pocket now,

We’ve all seen Trump bow and scrape.


Republicans, a cult of personality,

Since the rise of Donald Trump,

Show they don’t care at all for our democracy.

Donald Trump’s a big speed bump.


Though deficits were bad when they were out of power

(And the president was black,)

Now, since the Donald’s deficits began to flower,

They took their objections back.


Getting to the bottom of this bottomless pit,

Hoping that we all won’t drown,

Swimming through the sewer filled with Donald’s bullshit,

Everywhere we look, it’s brown.


Since today is International Women’s Day,

Let’s consult the fairer sex.

Might women at the ballot box shoo Trump away?

Change his title to an “ex”?