Donald at the Bat – Day 778, Trump’s Policies

Day 778, Trump’s Policies


Trump’s policies are failing

And, on almost every front.

Administration ailing…

Is each project just a stunt?


Just look at immigration

And Trump’s plans to build a wall.

He’s showing desperation.

Congress calls it a cabal.


The talks with North Korea

Are now circling the drain.

Trump’s verbal diarrhea

Make us question if he’s sane.


The federal debt’s increasing

In a good economy

When debt should be decreasing.

It’s a Trump anomaly.


Trade deficit increasing…

Have Trump’s tariffs made it worse?

The skids that Trump is greasing

Have been emptying our purse.


Add crimes that he committed;

Plus, he can’t negotiate.

Then ask, is Trump half-witted,

Just a crook and fat lightweight?