Donald at the Bat – Day 777, Job Openings with Trump?

Day 777, Job Openings With Trump? 


If you’d like to work for Trump

And assure that you’ll get paid,

Since we know he likes to hump,

Your best bet is to get laid.


You should be a nine or ten,

Not a seven or an eight,

And not mind that it’s a sin,

Or that Trump is overweight.


Trump prefers adult film stars

Or the Playmates through the years.

And he doesn’t frequent bars;

It’s disclosure that he fears.


He will pay you what he said

To assure your mouth stays shut.

So, just lay back on the bed

And let Donald sink his putt.


Then, when it is time to pay,

Michael Cohen sends a check

For one hundred thirty K

(That’s the going rate, just check.)


And it may be higher still

If you work with AMI

Where they practice “catch and kill.”

David Pecker is Trump’s guy.


Then Trump pays Mike Cohen back

In a scheme that’s rather crude,

They hope saves Trump from attack

By the women he has screwed.


And it helps to keep the vote

Of the “Christians” on his side.

Poking holes might sink his boat,

Though they don’t care if he lied.


Can you get these jobs today?

Are the wages still the same?

Cohen’s gone, so who will pay?

With whom may you file a claim?


In our new economy,

Old jobs go and new jobs come.

Some become a felony,

Though OK in “Christendom.”