Donald at the Bat – Day 776, The Levator Ani

Day 776, The Levator Ani (look it up)


The structure and the function of the anus come to mind,

When one considers Donald and those following behind.

The anus is a conduit through which our feces pass.

The term “bullshit” implies that one is talking through his ass.


Trump feeds us fertilizer, he deposits every day;

Like flies on feces, some feed on whatever he may say.

Though they may swallow it, if they would study, they would find

That it’s just waste from which all the nutrition was refined.


So, why do some seek out the goo on which they slip and fall?

(The latest iteration: Trump has promised them a wall.)

Why do they follow Donald, who likes thinking with his gut?

The world would be much better if he kept his anus shut.


There is a band of muscle stretched across the pelvic floor,

Called the “levator ani”; it supports your anal pore.

Without this band of muscle, then your asshole would fall out,

An unappealing prospect, of which there can be no doubt.


In the opossum, this muscle is rather incomplete,

Which makes its anus leaky, and thus soiling tail and feet.

Trump’s leaks so frequently, one wonders if the president’s

Levator ani is defective, a sad consequence.


Now, metaphorically, those in support of Donald Trump,

Who clap and cheer each time the Donald’s anus drops a lump,

For such faithful support were named by an impartial board,

Levator ani” candidates; it’s a unique award.