Donald at the Bat – Day 780, Discrimination?

Day 780, Discrimination?


If Donald Trump resolved to give up lying all through Lent,

And urged his fundamentalist supporters to repent,

Would they return to Donald Trump at sunrise, Easter Day?

Especially when they heard all the new lies he would say?


But it’s an idle speculation, Trump will not renounce

His lifelong trait of telling lies, for every time it counts,

The Donald will resort to lying.  Stopping it for Lent,

Is something so unlikely, you should not bet one red cent.


Trump’s “Christians” are a mystery, Christ’s precepts all ignored,

When Trump became a candidate and they all jumped aboard.

Perhaps they should get rebaptised to wash away this sin

And start with a clean slate when Trump begins to lie again.


Lent is a time for contemplation of the seeds we’ve sown,

To hoe and rake between the rows where all the weeds have grown.

Can what we have renounced for Lent help our torn nation heal?

Or could we get passed over after a failed Seder meal?


The Democrats and most Republicans just passed a bill

Condemning all discrimination, gesturing goodwill.

“Disgraceful!” thundered Donald, Muslim hatred, his intent.  

Perhaps he also should renounce such bigotry for Lent.