Donald at the Bat – Day 771, CPAC

Day 771, CPAC


The faithful of conservatism, CPAC meets today (1)

And their primary mission is: hold AOC at bay. (2)

It’s creeping socialism that has set their guts aflame,

Embodied in a New York gal. (Most can’t pronounce her name.)


The Cohen testimony did not leave a scratch or dent

In their support of Donald, their beleaguered president.

He’s cutting regulations, gave the rich a big tax cut

And he defies the scientists by thinking with his gut.


The Democrats look too much like our country for the Right.

They can’t let all those people vote, though that may be their right.

The Right knows now they have to win by any means they can—

That’s legal or illegal: though some wind up in the can.


So, although Donald Trump may be a lying, cheating crook,

The Democrats are far worse; all you have to do is look.

They want clean air, clean water; and they want health care for all.

And they don’t fear brown people; they don’t want to build a wall.


Not all of them are Christians; some are Muslims; some are Jews,

And Hindus, Buddhists, atheists, who want the right to choose.

They have all genders and all races; we just can’t have that.

Imagine how we’ll look if we elect a Democrat.


And, isn’t that our problem?  They look like our country looks,

While we are mostly staying white and tolerating crooks.

The world is changing; we are not; we’re hanging on to power.

But can we if we have to change as gathering storm clouds lour?

White Europeans came here and we swept across the land.

We murdered and enslaved the folks who tried to make a stand.

First Andy Jackson, General Custer, made us great back then.

And that’s how Donald Trump would like to make us great again.

(1)  CPAC, The Conservative Political Action Committee.

(2) AOC, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, newly elected Congresswoman from the 14th District of New York.  She’s only 29 and considers herself to be a “Social Democrat.”  As such, she has taken over bête noir status from Nancy Pelosi.