Donald at the Bat – Day 772, Why does Donald believe dictators?

Day 772, Why does Donald believe dictators?


Trump took the word of Putin over our intelligence

And took the word of MBS, against the evidence. (1)

And now he takes the word of Kim; he did not kill Warmbier.

Why does Trump trust dictators, or else what does Donald fear?


First, why should Trump “trust” Vladimir?  Or is it fear instead?

Does Trump mistrust intelligence, a leader’s daily bread?

Perhaps Trump “trusts” Vlad Putin since he’s deeply in his debt.

Trump knows whom he owes money to; that is the safest bet.


The evidence showed MBS had had Kashoggi killed

And then dismembered with a saw; his murderers quite skilled.

But MBS told Donald Trump that he was innocent.

Because he likes dictators, did Trump buy this testament?


Of course, there’s always money; Saudis have a lot of it.

Is Donald nursing on a Russian and a Saudi tit?

When Donald Trump is pondering the bad press that he’s had,

So, he killed a journalist, MBS can’t be all bad.


Now Trump’s believing Kim Jong Un and he’s not in Kim’s debt.

But Donald says he still “loves” Kim, perhaps the strangest yet.

Is Donald Trump just worshipful of all dictators’ might?

Does he think they should be believed, their power makes them right?


Perhaps Trump thinks if he believes them, we’ll accept his word.

That sort of wishful thinking comes across as just absurd.

But Trump still has a third of us who back him to the hilt.

And these are folks who simply do not care about his guilt.


So Trump says, “I believe them.  Why won’t you all believe me?

“I thought that ‘might makes right.’  Why do I get the third degree?

“For, after all, I’m president; that should make my word law.

“If they can get away with murder, what’s my fatal flaw?”


(1)  MBS, Mohammed bin Salman, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and effective head of state.