Donald at the Bat – Day 770

Day 770


Today’s the day for mastication: Cohen, Trump, and Kim.

Has Trump committed felonies?  Did deals with Kim go dim?

Though Trump supporters stuck with him, not caring what Mike said,

The documents Mike brought with him might mean that Trump is dead.


Has Donald and Kim’s love affair been spoiled by a spat?

Trump’s claim it was consensual, just yesterday fell flat.

Kim says remove the sanctions and he wants to keep his nukes.

If anybody threatens him, he’ll say, “Put up your dukes!”


Here, Cohen said that Trump’s a crook; there, Kim said, “Take a walk.”

And did the Donald say to Kim, “Honey, please, let’s talk?”

So right now they’ve got nothing , both the lovers in a snit.

We know Trump needed a big score but did Kim give a shit?


And, meanwhile back in Washington, things went from bad to worse.

Mike brought along some chapter and he brought along some verse.

Republicans said Cohen lies but did not poke a hole

In any document Mike brought, which should have been their goal.


So, Donald had a bad day, both in Asia and at home,

His scandals shaping up to be much worse than Teapot Dome.

Now, could he be indicted?  That’s the question of the day.

Should Trump ask for asylum?  Would Vlad Putin let him stay?