Donald at the Bat – Day 769, The Beginning of the End?

Day 769, The Beginning of the End?


Well, here we go; today’s the day

Mike Cohen testifies.

The Democrats all shout, “Hooray!”

Republicans cry, “Lies!”


Mike worked for Donald for ten years

And he brought documents.

The sum of all of Trump’s worst fears

Is Mike’s experience.


For Mike was sitting in the room

Where Donald’s crimes were planned.

Trump backers sense impending doom

With Michael on the stand.


Trump is a “racist, con man, cheat.”

By now that’s all old news.

But documents turn up the heat

And tighten down the screws.


Mike also said Trump would inflate

The wealth that he reports.

Trump almost never plays it straight

In public or in courts.


Republicans tried to impeach

The story Michael tells.

And each one gave a little speech

On how his story smells.


For they all say, because Mike lied,

Then we should all beware.

Regarding documents, they tried

To act like they’re not there.


Republicans all just dismissed

Trump’s crimes in documents.

The only problem on their list:

Mike’s lies, their whole defense.


They also used the word, “charade”

For this committee’s work.

And we could see their nerves were frayed

By work they used to shirk.


The questioning would alternate;

The left and then the right.

And, though the right would fulminate,

Mike’s evidence seems right.


We’re pretty sure no minds were changed

By what we heard today.

But all the views that were exchanged

Might yet send Trump away.