Donald at the Bat – Day 747, Lies

Day 747, Lies


The Emperor has no clothes and an ever growing nose.

And, when he’s dressed, his pants are flaming, everybody knows.

When he comes out to meet the press, he tells lie after lie.

In spite of this, one third maintain they still support this guy.


Why would they still support a man who will not tell the truth?

For, in the body politic, Trump is an aching tooth.

Do Trump supporters have enormous tolerance for pain?

They tolerate an ache that drives the rest of us insane.


Let’s ask why Evangelicals now shun veracity.

Why would they turn away from truth, embrace mendacity?

When Christ forgave a sinner, he said, “Go, and sin no more.” (1)

But Donald lies when walking in and walking out the door.


When Franklin Graham, on TV, just shrugged off Donald’s lies,

Perhaps it was a clue to what this attitude implies.

We’ve read he wants abortion banned, right-wingers on the courts,

If he gets that from Trump, then he will tolerate his warts.


Then Sarah Sanders told the press God wanted Trump to lead.

She must think her God tolerates mendacity and greed.

But, open up your Bible, read, you cannot make that case,

Though that’s what Sarah said quite clearly and with a straight face.


How strange is faith that tells believers, “Look the other way.”

Now, let’s ask Graham, “Would you still back Trump if he were gay?”


(1)  See John 8:11, the story of the woman taken in adultery.