Donald at the Bat – Day 746, Super Bowl

Day 746, Super Bowl


Today’s the day; it’s Super Bowl; two football teams will play.

It’s such a big deal, it’s become a US holiday.

The best two teams from two leagues meet; a champion is crowned.

And second place?  Their hopes, once high, come crashing to the ground.


Experts at planning, execution, strength, agility,

That’s what you get when practice, practice hones ability.

And now the best will meet to see who is the best of all.

Let’s hope the outcome doesn’t hang on one more blown “no call.”


Why bring this up?  It’s just a game, experts though they may be.

The contrast is so stark next to Trump’s kakistocracy.

You’d think we’d want the very best to run our government.

But sadly, there’s no expertise, just bovine excrement.


At first Trump’s cabinet had a few experts at what they did.

But one by one, they left, some crooks, some conflicts with Trump’s id.

The Donald needs “yes men” and women, Pence-like sycophants.

To sing his praise or, (in the past?) to do the mating dance.


Experts compete this afternoon.  They’ll show us how it’s done.

It’s deadly serious but for observers, it is fun.

And then tomorrow, we’ll go back to antics that appall,

Replacing masterful with whimsical and farcical.