Donald at the Bat – Day 745, The Christian Scientist in Hell

Day 745, The Christian Scientist in Hell


A Christian Scientist wound up in Hell.

(The details of just why are not too clear,)

But Satan heard this from one torture cell,

“This isn’t Hell; it’s not hot; I’m not here.”


The faith of some requires ignoring facts;

Like, climate change is being caused by man.

The strongest faith acts just like cataracts.

You cannot see the shit that hits the fan.


A yearbook photo, blackface, KKK,

That everyone has seen on their TV,

Has made Ralph Northam meet the press to say,

“That’s my page but that photo isn’t me.”


The Governor’s in Hell; that’s pretty clear.

To say, “Yes, I did blackface, just not then,”

Is a defense that should strike all as queer.

Like, “You sent me to Hell for the wrong sin.”


Republicans, who court the racist vote,

Do not condemn the Donald or Steve King.

But sing in unison from every throat,

“Praise Jesus!  Now Ralph’s ass is in a sling!”


Near everyone says Northam should resign.

(This mess occurred when he was twenty-five.)

He had to know his acts were not benign,

A lapse of judgment he should not survive.