Donald at the Bat – Day 748, Is Trump Lazy?

Day 748, Is Trump Lazy?


Is Donald Trump just lazy,

So much unscheduled time?

We know his thinking’s hazy,

Composed of grease and chyme. (1)



“Executive” means working,

Not watching Fox and tweets.

Could Donald be networking

With billionaire elites?


Does watching television

Mean Trump is working hard?

Research earns his derision.

The facts are a canard.


Ignoring daily briefing,

Instead preferring Fox,

Leaves Donald Trump believing

Stuff far outside the box.


We know you have to study

If you want to succeed.

So Donald’s brain is muddy

Because he doesn’t read.


Trump often gets defiant

About intelligence

Because he is reliant

On his own flatulence.


Those who rely on science

Have learned the brain, not gut

Is where to place reliance.

Thoughts don’t flow out your butt.


We know Trump dislikes science.

It often shows he’s wrong.

He defecates defiance.

The BS odor, strong.


This Trumpian infection,

A boil on our behinds,

Needs surgical correction

Or we will lose our minds.


(1)  Chyme is the gooey mess that leaves the stomach to start its way through the small and large intestines (the gut) in which Trump places his trust instead of the brain-derived analysis of his experts.