Donald at the Bat – Day 741, Donald and Intelligence

Day 741, Donald and Intelligence


The Donald is a willful child,

A boy Vlad Putin has beguiled.

When data have made something clear,

If not what Donald wants to hear,

Arms folded in intransigence,

Trump just denies intelligence.


The Russian interference crime

In our election, this last time,

Trump still denies on Putin’s say,

And has done nothing, ‘til today.

So, when it next comes time to vote,

The Russians may still bridge our moat.


In North Korea, Kim Jong Un

Still works on bombs on each new moon.

Though Trump told us Kim’s threat is gone,

It seems that Kim has soldiered on.

Intelligence has told us so

But Donald says that they don’t know.


Trump has said ISIS is defunct;

Th is reckless claim has been debunked.

Though ISIS lost its caliphate,

Their terror did not terminate.

It’s premature to say they’ve lost.

That’s just intestinal exhaust.


Well, how about the Border threat?

That’s all Trump talks about, and yet,

Although Trump’s base has wet its pants,

Intelligence chiefs look askance.

Compared to data Trump denies,

The border problem is pint size.