Donald at the Bat – Day 742, Those Awful, Socialist Taxes

Day 742, Those Awful, Socialist Taxes


Liz Warren and Miss AOC

Give billionaires a stomach ache.

For rich folks say, “It’s lunacy,

“More taxes are a big mistake!”


“It’s Socialism!” cry the rich,

When they are told they should pay more.

Anuses twitch and hemorrhoids itch

As rich men gird their loins for war.


How bad is this taxation threat

That compromises rich lifestyles?

Well, Lizzie warren wants to get

Just two percent of their huge piles.


So, from a hundred million bucks,

They’d be left with just ninety eight.

Though most of us would say, “Aw, shucks,”

The rich seize, fall, and thrash, prostrate.


And AOC proposed she’d raise

The tax on incomes that exceed

Ten million bucks, which just dismays

The super rich.  Could that be greed?


So, what are we to make of this?

Should we protect the super rich?

(If they don’t get a big, wet kiss,

They’ll still stay in their privileged niche.)


Then, what about the revenue?

Will Congresspersons wisely spend?

Let’s ask the ladies what they’d do.

There is a lot we have to mend.