Donald at the Bat – Day 740, Roger Stone

Day 740, Roger Stone


Now we’ve arrested Roger Stone;

He was arraigned today.

And Roger’s visage fairly shone;

He seems so bright and gay.


A peacock in a flock of foul,

His feathered fan aflame,

Though others facing jail may howl,

To Roger, it’s a game.


He said, “Not guilty,” clear and loud,

When speaking to the judge.

“Lock him up,” chanted by the crowd,

For his life slinging sludge.


Stone led a life of dirty tricks

In dozens of campaigns.

And he’s advised a lot of dicks

And left a lot of stains.


But now, will Roger be a rat

Like he says others are?

Bob Mueller is a clever cat,

Who’s turned the most by far.


Could honor be a rodent trait?

We know their morals reek.

Could just probation be the bait

To make this rodent squeak?


This man with Nixon on his back

Might disenthrone the king.

Though we no longer use the rack,

Might that make Roger sing?