Donald at the Bat – Day 729, Rudy, one more time (parody of Rock of Ages)

Day 729, Rudy, one more time.  

(Sing to Rock of Ages)


Giuliani’s latest claim

Moved the goalposts in the game.

Donald Trump did not collude,

As for others in his brood,

Who knows what they might have done?

Rudy speaks for only one.


Rudy says he can’t deny

All collusion, and here’s why.

Others in the Trump campaign

Might have deeds they must explain.

He’ll throw them beneath the bus.

Watch reporters make a fuss.


Rudy says he never said,

“No collusion,” but instead,

“Only Trump is innocent.”

That’s as far as Rudy went.

But we have his words on tape.

And from those, he can’t escape.


Rudy’s statement clearly lies

In his panoply of lies.

Rudy, Donald, what a pair!

Do they fear the Russian Bear?

They should fear Bob Mueller first.

Either way, they both are cursed.