Donald at the Bat – Day 728

Day 728


Is Trump authoritarian or is he Putin’s stooge?

We’re sliding downhill on slick ice like an Olympic luge.

Trump benefits the Russians by all that he’s said and done.

What motivates him, his beliefs?   Or Putin’s subterfuge?


Trump’s motivation all his life is: “I am number one.”

Just look at Donald’s history.  That’s clear to everyone.

So it could be just narcissism that makes Donald act.

And that’s enough to wreck the government, as Trump has done.


Trump’s been a lousy businessman.  That’s just a simple fact.

For he’s gone bankrupt several times and cheats on each contract.

Eventually, no bank of ours would lend the man a dime.

That opened up the door for Vlad to launch a sneak attack.


So Putin dangled ruble bait, content to take his time.

A useful idiot or stooge now swam in Kremlin slime.

And Trump has never criticized a thing that Putin did.

Trump sings along what Putin sings, same melody, same rhyme.


Did Vladimir just bide his time before he made his bid?

Did he get Donald Trump to run to gratify his id?

And did he help the Trump campaign by dumping a deluge

Of emails to smear Hillary, which Donald knew he did?


So, back to our first question: is the Donald Putin’s stooge,

Or independent strongman?  The distinction is just huge.

There’s evidence for both; so, can Bob Mueller make it clear?

Since both are possible, how can our country find refuge?