Donald at the Bat – Day 730 (parody of Mexican Hat Dance)

Day 730

(May be sung to “The Mexican Hat Dance)


Mariachi guitars are all strumming.

Caravans of brown people are coming.

Trump, fearing migration may snowball,

Says he’ll build a barrier wall.


He’s putting their kids in our hoosegows,

Penned up like they’re horses and cows.

The Donald’s direction for this insurrection

Is, “Cage them like piglets and sows.”


Bigots sing, like Steve King,

“We must stop all the drug trafficking.”


Since immigrants built up our nation,

Both migrants of high and low station,

Let’s reach out our hand to our brothers

And not cage their children and mothers.


Since funds for his wall have been cut down,

The Donald has ordered a shutdown.

So innocent workers will suffer

And federal folks have it rougher.


The Donald resorts to grandstanding

To get all the cash he’s demanding.

For five point six billion, Trump’s turning vermillion.

He says this might last until spring.


Does Trump’s base all hold base

And despicable views about race?


Now, Donald is throwing a tantrum.

It’s OK to come here from Antrim (1)

But if your ancestors were browner,

For Donald, that’s too deep a downer.


(1)  Antrim, one of six counties that form Northern Ireland, from where Scotch- Irish ancestors on my father’s side came to America in 1772.  We received land grants from the Crown. The King hoped we would help run the Cherokee Indians out of the Carolinas.