Donald at the Bat – Day 722, Little Brown People

Day 722, Little Brown People


Those little brown people, sneaking everywhere,

Unprotected borders, (Democrats don’t care.)

Drugs and crime and rapists; Trump says, “Build a wall.”

He must deal with Nancy; how he yearns for Paul.


Those little brown people, they will work for less.

Donald Trump employs them; laws he can finesse.

If they don’t have papers, Trump will give them some.

Safety and employment: that is why they come.


Donald made a promise, leading his base choir.

Mexico is paying.  Then his pants caught fire.

Trump says there’s a crisis, (one more that he made.)

NAFTA, NATO, Europe, tariff wars and trade.


Those little brown people, keep them out of here.

Donald cites statistics, reasons we should fear.

Donald makes up numbers.  Does he care what’s right?

Look at Donald’s record; he just likes to fight.


Any non-white people rankle Donald’s base.

Ultimate objective: purity of race.

That’s not what we stand for, (although we once did.)

That was crap for flushing.  Close the toilet lid.


Those little brown people, Nancy’s not afraid.

Donald’s apoplectic; all his nerves are frayed.

Nancy contradicts him; women don’t do that.

And she isn’t Stormy, trading tit for tat.