Donald at the Bat – Day 721, The Oval Office Speech

Day 721, The Oval Office Speech


If you take out all the lies, what was left in Trump’s address?

As usual, his “misstatements” were corrected by the press.

The nature of our crisis and statistics were all wrong

And, day by day, support for Donald’s wall is less and less.


Whenever Donald speaks, the “facts” he cites are mostly wrong.

For decades we have known he lies, yet he’s still going strong.

And now we have the crazy promise that he’ll build a wall.

But, one by one, Republicans refuse to go along.


We don’t know if the Donald really wants to build a wall.

His campaign handlers needed something that he would recall

To speak against brown immigrants, who stimulate his base.

Pelosi, speaking for the House, told Trump, “No wall at all.”


Now Trump and some Republicans require his bigot base

To have a hope of winning in the 2020 race.

So Donald pounds the table, law and facts not on his side,

While White House aides look for a way that Donald can save face.


Trump threw a tantrum, hoping he would win folks to his side,

By shutting down the government.  And then, of course, he lied.

He said he’d, “take the mantle,” but now blames the Democrats.

800,000  lost their pay but Trump took that in stride.


On one side there’s the Donald; on the other Democrats.

On one, prevarication, on the other, actual stats.

In true negotiations, we see lots of give and take.

But Trump’s demanding style is just the same as autocrats.


In politics, we also see the art of give and take.

And Donald Trump assured us of the deals that he would make.

A fair deal to the Donald means that he can have it all.

Beware, a deal with Donald is a deal he’ll likely break.


No empathy for workers or for immigrants at all,

It started when his handlers told him, “Talk about a wall.”