Donald at the Bat – Day 720, The National Emergency

Day 720, The National Emergency

The president has asked for TV time

To speak to us on an emergency.

He wants a wall that Mexicans can’t climb,

Which he will build from sea to shining sea.


The case for an emergency is thin.

Illegal immigrants decrease each year.

The problem is the color of their skin,

Which Donald and his base decry and fear.


Asylum seekers also have brown skin.

They come for safety and a living wage.

When they arrive, they all turn themselves in,

Then they’re arrested and put in a cage.


Now most illegal immigrants arrive

With valid visas which they overstay.

To bring drugs in, the smugglers simply drive

Through ports of entry, (says the DEA.)


So, Trump will speak, then Democrats reply.

They gave the job to Nancy and to Chuck

Since they all think that Donald Trump will lie—

With pants on fire, we’ll need a fire truck.