Donald at the Bat – Day 723, a new song

Day 723, a new song


Mike Cohen’s gonna testify.

Trump fears he’ll tell it all.

Mike Cohen’s just the sort of guy

To make the Donald bawl.


He knows the deals the Donald made,

Paid women Donald screwed.

He knows the cards that Putin played

And how they did collude.



Oh, Donald, Donald, are the chickens coming home to roost?

Well, were the Donald wiser, that’s what he would have deduced.

Will Michael Cohen cook your goose and will your fat be fried?

Trump says he isn’t worried but let logic be your guide.


Republicans say Michael lies

And Mike admits that’s true.

But he lied for Trump’s enterprise

(And we know Trump lies, too.)


Now Mike can prove what Donald said

Since he has Trump on tape.

There’s Stormy Weather just ahead.

From tape you can’t escape.



So, after Mike re-testifies,

What will the Donald do?

Will he defend himself with lies

His base accepts as true?


The Donald’s base will still back him

Regardless of the facts.

But, independents: what of them?

Will they give Trump the ax?