Donald at the Bat – Day 703, after ‘An die Freude’ by Friedrich Schiller, sung in he chorale of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony

Day 703, after An die Freude by Friedrich Schiller, sung in the chorale of  Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony


Donald Trump is digging trenches

To defend his border wall.

Democrats are being Grinches.

First they’ll stall, then stop it all.


“Stop the brown folks at the border;

Hold the caravan at bay.”

Trump says we’ll have law and order

If we keep brown folks away.


Donald Trump fears Robert Mueller

And the crimes he may report.

What if Trump’s no longer ruler

But, instead, winds up in court?


If there has been no collusion,

Why does Trump kiss Putin’s ass?

Trump says news is all delusion,

So his base gives him a pass.


Trump’s advisers all are leaving;

Principles get in their way.

Since their job is just deceiving

Everybody, every day.


His turnover is astounding;

Everybody’s jumping ship.

And, for Trump, what’s more confounding:

Almost all of them will flip.