Donald at the Bat – Day 704, O’ Little Town of Washington

Day 704, O’ Little Town of Washington

(can be sung to O’ Little Town of Bethlahem)


O’ Little Town of Washington,

How still we see the lie.

But nightmares creep into our sleep

Each time Trump tells a lie.

With Mueller’s findings coming

To light the Donald’s fuse,

A rash of tweets each morning greets

Those turning on the news.

Trump’s rid himself of generals,

All those advising him.

If they talked back, Trump would attack

And fire each one of them.


Now, he’s just left with “yes men,”

No critics in the room.

Trump masticates and defecates.

They tell him, “It’s perfume.”


The Dow Jones, NASDAQ, S&P

Went up when Trump came in.

Since Trump was wise, he made them rise.

It’s all due to his win.


But now the market’s falling

And that is blasphemy.

That dunderhead who runs the Fed

Killed Trump’s economy.


With 2020 looming now,

Trump’s in election mode.

The thought of loss must haunt the boss;

He fears a rocky road.


Now Democrats and Mueller

Both undermine his Wall.

That Cohen putz just drives Trump nuts.

He flipped and knows it all.