Donald at the Bat – Day 702

Day 702


The Donald’s in a pickle now and it’s his own damn fault.

Sliced up in the election, they are pouring in the salt.

Pelosi says, “No, no, bad dog!” and Schumer says, “No wall!”

Will Donald be reduced to selling tacos on the mall?


He knows that Putsie loves him.  Sarah pouts, “It isn’t so.”

And Trump let Erdogan of Turkey tell him where to go.

He’s badgering Matt Whitaker, “Obstruct the DOJ!”

And, in a tantrum, Trump shut down the government today.


James Mattis and John Kelly leave, which means the field is cleared

For just “yes men” advisers, what true patriots all feared.

Republicans bow to Trump’s base because they need those votes.

Good government or power?  We all know what floats their boats.


When Donald Trump says something, facts will mostly not agree,

Unless it is by chance (the broken clock analogy.)

He’s been a liar for so long and speaking truth so rare,

We don’t know if he knows the truth.  We know he doesn’t care.


Up to his ass in alligators, Trump needs good advice.

But he has driven it away.  Now, what will be the price?

When Mueller issues his report and says, “The die is cast,” (1)

Will Congress let him off the hook?  Will Fox News stand aghast?


The seer said to Caesar, “Please, beware the Ides of March.” (2)

(That was the day the Senate killed him ‘neath a Forum arch.)

If Mueller should report this spring, might ancient history rhyme?

Impeachment, then conviction by the Senate is no crime.


(1)  “Alea jacta est!”  what Julius Caesar is reported to have said on crossing the Rubicon river with his legions and breaking ancient Roman law.  He intended to march into Rome and be made dictator. Several senators expressed their disapproval by assassinating him. His last words were supposedly, “Et tu, Brute?” (And you, Brutus?)

(2)  “Beware the Ides of March,” Shakespeare, Julius Caesar, Act 1, Scene 2.