Donald at the Bat – Day 701a, Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Illness

Day 701a, Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Illness


A winter solstice shocker: bad news on the darkest day,

Ruth Bader Ginsburg has lung tumors, both removed today.

Her docs are optimistic but such news is always bad.

One wonders whose side God is on,  progressives mad and sad.


If Ginsburg should retire or die and Trump gets one more pick,

The prospect sickens all progressives just like arsenic.

He’ll search among conservatives for one more Kavanaugh,

One whose philosophy, Trump hopes, protects him from the law.


So, pray for RBG; and unbelievers, you pray too.

Beseech the cosmos that Ruth Ginsburg won’t bid us adieu.

Pray to the gods for balance, (for Dick Cheney’s still alive.)

If there is justice in the cosmos, Ginsburg might survive.