Donald at the Bat – Day 701

Day 701


In cold and dark December,

A day we will remember,

We learned that General Mattis had resigned.

With great exasperation

And growing desperation,

He watched the world’s alliances unwind.


To stand in strong defiance,

One needs a strong alliance

Against autocracies like Putin’s Bear.

But, where Vlad is attacking,

It seems that Trump is backing

The Bear and not our allies over there.


What Donald loves is money,

(Sometimes an extra honey,)

The rule of law is foreign to his mind.

James Mattis’ sense of honor,

(No sycophantic fawner,)

Can’t watch our institutions undermined.


The Donald needs instruction;

If not, we face destruction.

But he won’t hear experienced advice.

Without this Secretary,

Our future’s looking scary.

For Donald Trump we pay too great a price.


To serve a bad commander,

Intelligence and candor,

Which are ignored, sometimes provoking rage,

Trump’s mental constipation

And constant denigration

Meant it was time for James to leave the stage.


With wise advisers leaving,

True patriots are grieving.

Now Trump will hear just what he wants to hear.

James did his best advising.

To fail was not surprising.

He leaves with head held high and conscience clear.