Donald at the Bat – Day 700

Day 700


The president has played right into Putin’s hands again.

We’re pulling out of Syria because Trump says we’ve won.

Because we’ve beaten ISIS, Trump’s withdrawing all our men.

And Russia, Turkey, and Iran all love what he has done.


But here at home, support for this is pretty hard to find.

The military and the Congress: none of them agree.

Abandoning the field puts Israel in quite a bind.

Effectively—Iran and Hezbollah will be set free.


Abandoning our allies while we strengthen enemies.

In making this decision who did Trump ask for advice?

Apparently nobody.  That’s the Donald Trump disease.

When Trump acts independently, the whole world pays the price.


The Senate passed a funding bill, no money for Trump’s wall,

Which Donald, in full tantrum mode, just may refuse to sign.

With Washington in disarray, the pundits have a ball.

Will government be shutting down?  Will Donald toe the line?


Since Donald’s so erratic, no one knows what he’ll do next.

His knowledge base is small; he makes decisions on a whim.

It’s likely that for two more years, we’ll all remain perplexed.

And, all the while be asking, “What does Putin have on him?”