Donald at the Bat – Day 695

Day 695


Today Trump named Mulvaney as his “Acting Chief of Staff.”

Does “Acting” mean his tenure will be a short paragraph?

Reince Priebus and John Kelly both soon withered in the task.

To work for Donald very long was just too much to ask.


And Ryan Zinke’s just too stinky to stay at his desk.

Protecting the environment turned into a burlesque.

Now will he be indicted?  There are many laws he broke.

His tenure at Interior has been a cruel joke.


A right wing judge in Texas just threw out Obamacare.

“UNCONSTITUTIONAL,” Trump tweeted.  We are all aware,

The Donald hopes he can erase all that Barack achieved.

A black man as the president left Donald’s base aggrieved.


Shenanigans to profit from inauguration day,

By overcharging for the rooms where people meet or stay,

As well as failing to account for funds they did not spend,

May be a few more coffin nails, confirming Donald’s end.


Another child of immigrants in custody has died.

Prompt health care not available, which we should not abide.

They come up here because they think that they’ll be safe from harm.

But would they come if they knew we’ll write numbers on their arm?