Donald at the Bat – Day 696

Day 696


Poor Donald, they are looking into every orifice.

While Rudy Giuliani’s trying every artifice,

Defending all of Donald’s shifting stories every day.

He simply has no way to know what Donald Trump might say.


When Rudy was confronted with the fact that Donald lies,

All he could say was, “He’s not under oath.”  That’s no surprise,

For Rudy can’t defend his client any other way.

Though Rudy knows, when under oath, Trump still lies anyway.


And Trump’s support is slipping; for two thirds of us believe,

Whenever Donald speaks, then he is trying to deceive.

It’s working on a third of us whose lights are rather dim.

Is that a common feature of the folks who follow him?

Our nation’s very soul is now on trial for its life.

It’s almost like we stumbled and we fell on our own knife. (1)

Our national disease, racism, threatens us again,

Which Donald plays for all it’s worth.  He thrives upon our sin.


(1)  In To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee, Bob Ewell was judged to have fallen on his own knife although it is pretty clear that Boo Radley killed him.