Donald at the Bat – Day 694

Day 694


Trump just got screwed by Pecker, a delicious irony.

Mike Cohen, Trump and Pecker, all caught plotting calumny.

We hear that Donald’s panicking; impeachment looms ahead.

From evidence that Mueller has—is Trump as good as dead?


The news said Trump was so depressed he didn’t come to work.

He stayed upstairs and skipped the office where his demons lurk.

Who doesn’t know who of his staff is leaking to the press

And who will be the next to flip for Mueller and confess.


Now Donald must discredit Cohen and Dave Pecker, too.

He worked with both of them so long, is that his Waterloo?

With years of sleaze, they pulled together—now Trump thinks they’re slime?

Did it take him a decade ‘til he noticed all the grime?


And now another problem: the inauguration cash-

Trump raised a hundred million, spent just half, so where’s the cache?

Did foreign governments buy access?  If so, one more crime—

And Trump can’t cover up the smell with parsley, sage, and thyme.


So pecker peccadillos now exposed by Pecker leaks,

Now even some Fox commentators offer their critiques.

Inauguration money which the Donald squirreled away,

And soon, Pelosi’s putting Donald’s tax returns in play.


If Donald Trump had played it straight, he’d have no problems now.

But Donald never plays it straight, so tsurris mounts, and how! (1)

We used to think it was just Mueller cooking Donald’s goose

But after the election, Ms. Pelosi is turned loose.


(1)  Tsurris, sometimes tsoris, Yiddish for “troubles,” the kind that provoke, “Oy weh!”