Donald at the Bat – Day 693

Day 693


The Russians, GOP, the “Christians,” and the NRA

Were linked together in a courtroom guilty plea today.

A Russian agent, Butina, said she’d cooperate

And tell Bob Mueller how she linked them, what she used for bait.


She funneled money through the NRA to Trump’s campaign.

She “prayed” with “Christians,” though her motives may have been profane.

If Russians link the NRA, the “Christians,” GOP,

What is the message being sent to folks like you and me?


What common links do these groups share within the Russian mind?

If you consider these three groups, what are the ties that bind?

They all mistrust the data that our scientists provide.

If Trump says what they want to hear, they don’t care if he lied.


The “Christians” think the Big Bang and Charles Darwin threaten God.

The NRA has turned the gun into their demigod.

Republicans just worship power.  Like Hatch, they just don’t care.

If Trump lied to beat Hillary, as long as he got there.


Both Trump and Russians think that these are weaknesses to use—

The willful ignorance of data means such folks refuse

To deal with truth and listen only to those playing them.

It also helps a little if their brains are rather dim.


So Putin plays them, Donald plays them, now he’s president.

When you consider all the facts, it is no accident.

Enough of us have proven easy to manipulate.

Both Trump and Putin know this and that’s why we’re in this state.