Donald at the Bat – Day 692 – Greensleeves parody

Day 692, Tune: Greensleeves


What child is this who likes to piss

And tweet with such misspelling?

Misstating facts as he attacks:

How long will we buy what he’s selling?

This, this is Donald Trump.

He’s old and plump and likes to hump.

Now he’s exposed as a crook;

The evidence is so compelling.


When Donald balled, why was it called

A criminal erection?

The cover-up, a hemlock cup,

A felony in the election.

This, this is Donald Trump.

Will he be dumped because he humped,

Then paid off the girls he laid?

Illegal, on sober reflection.


Though Trump is (bleeped,) he’s not yet reaped

The seeds of his seduction.

Give Mueller time, Trump’s slime and crime

Will finally cause his destruction.

This, this is Donald Trump,

He’ll have to take his lumps and bumps.

Now he’s going up in flames.

In ethics, he needed instruction.


Mike Cohen’s jailed because he failed

In promised cooperation.

But then he squeaked and Pecker leaked

And gave Mueller true information.

This, this is Donald Trump.

Who else will jump to kick his rump?

Will Donald wind up in jail

For trying to ruin our whole nation?