Donald at the Bat – Day 689, General Kelly’s Air

Day 689, General Kelly’s Air 


Oh, Johnny boy, retirement is calling.

Trump says you’re through; this time it’s not a lie.

Your last command must have been your most galling.

You’ve been relieved; at least you did not die.


You’ll not retire to summer in the meadow.

Your valley’s covered o’er with yellow snow.

You’ll be condemned by folks like Rachel Maddow.

Oh, Johnny boy, oh, Johnny boy, it’s time to go.


Your general’s stars have fallen from your shoulder.

Like General Custer, you lost your last fight.

Perhaps if you had been a little bolder,

You would not have to steal into the night.


Will there be songs of General Kelly’s tragedy?

Will your last grade be just a C or D?

You could not cure a desperate nation’s malady.

Now you’re forever tainted with Trump’s perfidy.


(Parody of Danny Boy by Stephen Baird, December, 2018)